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What people have to say...

Rebecca Edwards

-Wardrobe Technician- 

-Blue Man Group-

"I've been training with Kristi for a year and can't believe the results! She has helped me to drastically improve my flexibility and strength while teaching me how to be more graceful. I never thought that I would be able to learn aerial silks and Kristi has proven me wrong! I've worked with many coaches over the years and Kristi is truly unique. She is extremely invested in her students and will inspire them to achieve their goals while consistently presenting new and exciting challenges. Kristi is extremely patient and always makes safety a priority. While under her instruction I can honestly say that my life has improved in countless ways. I look forward to training with her for many years to come." 

Erin Murtaugh

-Elementary School Teacher-

"Working with Kristi has changed my life.  Not only am I physically stronger, but with Kristi I have developed the confidence to explore my abilities and be  I don't come from a gymnastics or dance background which worried me when I first started aerial training.  Kristi has taken me through a progression of skill development.  People now ask me if I'm a dancer or gymnast.  It's amazing.  Recently, I did an aerial performance as a RAW Artist at the Act Nightclub.  If you train with Kristi, and work hard, you will find success."

Logan Hunt

-Licensed Massage Therapist-

-Cirque Du Soleil-

"Kristi Toguchi, was my introduction into aerial arts.  Before I took her classes, I had never climbed a rope let alone turn a hip-key, or do an iron-cross.  I chose to take Kristi's classes because I was looking for a fun form of exercise, and wanted to work on my fear-of-heights.  She made me feel safe even at 30 feet in the air.  Plus, as a massage therapist working with elite performers, it gave me priceless insight, and first-hand experience into the affects of performing on their physiology.  Her knowledge, and execution of skill and safety is some of the best I've seen.  I would recommend Kristi's classes to anyone who is sincere about learning aerial arts."

Erica Vanlee

-Professional Aerialist/Actress-

"Learning Aerial Silks from Kristi Toguchi has taken my life on such a huge journey. Kristi has this ability to motivate people she instructs from all ages and background.   I came from a Theatre and Music background. Even though I had a lot to learn when I started, Kristi pushed me and made me feel like a professional, because of this I  looked forward to going to her aerial classes.  Kristi helped me become the performer I am today.  Through my training with Kristi I have learned some great life lessons, to take care of my mind and body, to be accountable and respect my craft.  She  has  a natural talent in helping people see through to the end of their goals and dreams. Kristi's a stunning aerial trainer and performer, she has her own style, built with grace and fluidity, "a dancer in the air." I will always hold my training experience with Kristi close to me. "

Caara Cridland
-Professional Aerialist/Contortionist-

"Amazing aerialist, encouraging teacher, exceptional role model and a true inspiration to performers around the world, Kristi Toguchi has it all. It has been an absolute privilege to have had the opportunity to be trained by Kristi  on various occasions. Her knowledge, dedication and expertise for her art are impeccable. Kristi has a very unique style that entrances you and leaves you wanting more.  Her patience, especially with me, has been admirable and I am thankful to her for believing in me when I didn’t. I am grateful for everything I have learnt from Kristi not only with the aerial arts but as well as life lessons and advice. She is always there for her students and will do anything to help them achieve what they need.  I continue to look up to her and push myself to strive for more. If one day I can make my aerial arts look as effortless as Kristi can, I will have achieved my ultimate goal."

Sadie Lindley
-Professional Circus Artist-

"Kristi Toguchi's diverse background of circus, dance, and magic are very evident in her choreography work. Kristi has a way of taking the best part of all these art forms and blending them together to make a cohesive piece. Her years of work on and off stage have created a superior artist and choreographer and any act can be enhanced with her eye and magical touch."

Valerie Billaud Poirel

-Mother, Artist, Athlete-

"Kristi has been a " GODSEND! " in my challenging spinal injury recovery since 1997. After spending a fortune in Doctors both western and eastern and healers up the wazoo, her insights and experience in top injured athletes have benefited me in clearing out my fears and chronic pains, by constructing a spinal work out that has strengthened my muscles to eliminate pain and weakness altogether. She got me into a backbend in a short while after 15 yrs of being atrophied and have been amazed at seeing myself at 45 years of age with strong stamina and flexibility.  I found her by surprise and she is to remain my coach during my lifetime."

Faegann Harlow

-Professional Aerialist-

-Motley Crue-

"I wouldn't be the aerialist I am today if it hadn't been for Kristi Toguchi.  She is not just your typical aerial instructor that teaches you tricks, yet she is a mentor.  The coach that pushed you along when you needed it, encouraged you to find your own style, ensured your understanding of safety of the craft, and lead you into the industry of aerial performance.  You cannot pay for that level of expertise with insight & compassion.  Kristi Toguchi's teaching style is unique in and of itself.  It goes far deeper than skill, yet into the development of psyche that shapes any good athlete or artist.  I will forever be grateful I learned the core foundations of this art form from someone as respected as Kristi Toguchi."

Rebekah Wainwright

-Professional Dancer / Choreographer-

"Kristi was absolutely wonderful to work with. She has a strong background in dance which makes her extremely graceful and aware of her body’s lines and esthetic. She was very professional and I felt assured and safe the whole time….I knew that I had one of the best to work with. She was able to pinpoint my strengths and push me to my very best. Surprisingly, in only a few sessions I was able to put a routine together that encompassed a large variety of skills. I was able to reach my goals quickly and I passed the strength test at a very selective private audition in Las Vegas. The training also helped with my strength in ballet as well. The results were amazing!  In addition to aerial training, Kristi Toguchi was a great mentor. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking training in aerial work, or specialized acro training."

Melissa Glick

-Professional Dancer-

"The Amazing Kristi Toguchi Blessed me with her talent.... I met Kristi about 6 1/2 years ago through my pilates instructor who thought I might be interested in trying something new.   Instantly I was fascinated with Kristi's skill and knowledge about the art so I felt it was worth trying... Her passion for aerial kept me showing up because one day I hoped to become talented in the art. Kristi strives for perfection and will teach you how to attain it in her DRILL SERGEANT ways!!! She is extremely keen to detail and caters to personal goals. Her commitment to me and my personal success was endless.  She changed my life with sharing her passion through aerial and made me almost as Amazing as her. Her love, skill and knowledge to share this talent surpasses most trainers I've come across... There is only One Kristi Toguchi and she is Amazing.... "

John Saycich


-University of Nevada, Las Vegas-

"WOW! What an amazing coach. Kristi challenges me every time I go to class pushing me to limits I didn’t know were possible. She continuously believes in her students and is always motivating everyone to bring out the full potential in themselves. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon such an amazing coach. Because she has believed in me and all of her students, I have seen great progress with our strength and endurance. I also feel it helps to keep my mind clear. When I first stared I could barley stretch without getting the shakes, and now I'm almost at a full split. She started as my coach and over time she has built such a strong bond that I can consider her a life long friend and I will always be my first choice as a coach."

Heidi Mancini
-Fitness Competitor-

"Kristi is the best coach! Fun & challenging.  I am a fitness competitor and wanted to expand my training and challenge my body in a different way.  Kristi helped me choreograph a fitness routine and I have been with her since.  Highly recommend!!!"

Nickole Muse
-Performing Artist-

"I have my splits all because of Aerial Fitness."

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