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Aerial Fitness Blood Drive featured in Rhodes Ranch & Mountains Edge Neighbors Magazine


STORY: Linda Lysakowski Winter 2019

"The family friendly event will feature world famous magician Charlotte Pendragon, Las Vegas Comidienne Penny Wiggins, Endless Productions Belly Dancers, Aerial artists, contortionists, singers, and other performing artists.  They will all come together to perform in our free variety show "Heros" with performances every hour during the Aerial Fitness' community Blood drive with Vitalant of Las Vegas at City Athletic Club.  Shows wll start every hour from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m."

El Tiempo.jpg
Aerial Fitness in El Tiempo Newspaper


STORY: Cristian De la Rosa / El Tiempo - Contributing Reporter - December 14, 2018

"Mr. Terry Toguchi, is in the "Hall of Fame of Blood Donors of Hawaii", in life there were 142 occasions that donated the vital liquid. His daughter Kristi Toguchi, a Las Vegas resident, has been organizing, together with Vitalant (formerly known as United Blood Services), in memory of his father, an event to motivate donating to such an important cause."

"Kristi is the director of the study of Aerial Fitness exercises, because of her physical characteristics of weight and height she is not a candidate to donate blood, so she proposed to her students to make a free presentation of their aerobatics in exchange for family and friends to donate to the blood banks of the national organization Vitalant."

"The goal during the years of this event is to gather 100 units of blood, same that by its use is multiplied by 10 since they are divided into platelets, red blood cells, and plasma, which can help at least one thousand people in its different treatments, emergencies or recovery.  The acrobat Toguchi considers that: “lives are being saved, without knowing whom you are helping, and hopefully not, but on some occasion that same blood you may need it yourself since you never know what can happen in the middle of an emergency. Blood donation awareness is very important."


Aerial Fitness in Passion Fitness Magazine

July 10, 2018

"As well as performing Kristi was selected as a Karma Athletics Activist, and she is also the owner of Aerial Fitness School in las Vegas.  Her students have been selected to attend the prestigious Ecole National Circus School, and they have performed for the Olympics, cruise lines, television, and the Motley Crue tour."

Aerial Fitness in Golf Week Magazine


February 15 2016

"A quick Google search revealed Kristi Toguchi, an aerial silks artist who developed a fitness program for thrill-seekers such as Kang."

" 'I'd never thrown up after a workout' Kang told TMOF, 'and that was the first time.'  Aerialists must be able to pick up their own body weight, and when Kang couldn't get off the ground the first time she tried, she was hooked.  Her 90-minute session include 30 minutes of stretching."

"When friends ask to try her 'ballerina thing,' Kang, a two-time U.S. Women's Amateur champion, tells the, it's the hardest workout she has ever done.  She works with Toguchi three times per week and also does a rigorous Pilates program."

Aerial Fitness coach Kristi Toguchi featured in Kama'aina Magazine


STORY: Maile Fuchshuber PHOTOS: Yong Dawson / Summer 2017

"Her growing list of students include the general community, performers from Cirque du Soleil, Olympic athletes, LPGA Tour players, IFBB and Olympia bodybuilding and fitness professionals, dancers, and circus artists.  All skill levels are welcome, and anyone may partake in classes whether for fun, fitness, or performance training."

Aerial Fitness in Las Vegas Review Journal


Brian Hurlburt February 2016


"LPGA Tour player and Las Vegan Danielle Kang, has a unique training regimen, including workouts with magician/aerialist Kristi Toguchi."

Aerial Fitness on KLAS 8 News Now


December 2017


AERIAL FITNESS BLOOD DRIVE on KLAS 8 News Now. 4th Annual Aerial Fitness Blood Drive & Show held at Aerial Fitness School inside City Athletic Club. Aerial Fitness owner Kristi Toguchi shares about her passion for donating blood.



Aerial Fitness on Fox 5 News for United Blood Services Blood Drive and Show


August 2015


Aerial Fitness Sponsors United Blood Services Blood drive providing free entertainment all day.  Students featured include: Sierra Rosten, John Saycich, and Emily Waller




Aerial Fitness on Channel 3 News for Lorna Jane Tivoli Village

#WorkoutWednesday Community Event


Vicki Gonzalez April 2015


Aerial Fitness coach Kristi Toguchi and her students appear on Channel 3 news for their free community Stretch Class at Lorna Jane in Tivoli Village located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Aerial Fitness Coach Kristi Toguchi and student Erica Vanlee appear on "Off the Couch"


Spencer Larson June 2010 - Today I met with two amazing Aerialists, Erica Vanlee and Kristi Toguchi. I walked into the middle of a coaching session and immediately I was blown away by the drop that Erica performed.

Aerial Fitness coach Kristi Toguchi in the Langley Times


Troy Landerville October 2009


Workshops promo 'Dooms Night'

A Las Vegas Aerial flyer and magician taught the art of aerial silk.  


"Kristi Toguchi appeared smooth as silk, effortlessly weaving one of her feet around ribbon as she ambled towards the lights at Flip City Gymnastics Centre on Oct. 10. 

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