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​Aerial Silk

Aerial Silk is a 90-minute class that will continue to build on the foundation we learned in Aerial Fitness.  This class will continue to build your strength and flexibility as we learn more advanced techniques in the air to help assist you while you stretch. You will begin to explore more movement in the air as you learn beginning aerial skills including foot keys, different wraps, simple choreography, and drops. This class will also begin to focus on stamina, grace, rhythm, and transitions 

(Class size is limited to 8).


PLEASE CALL (702) 886-2250 for registration.

Fly Kidz

Fly Kidz is an Aerial Silk program built for children age 5 to age 12.  It is a 45-minute class where kids will learn body awareness while challenging themselves by making mind and body connections on the ground and in the air.  The Fly Kidz learn to focus and they build confidence in themselves as they build their strength and flexibility in a fun environment.  Your kids will be spinning and soaring in no time!  The Fly Kidz program is a great introduction for those interested in one day taking the aerial silk class (Class size is limited to 10).

PLEASE CALL (702) 886-2250 for registration.

Flexibility / Stretch

Flexibility / Stretch Class is a 45-minute class that will help you safely open up your body to improve your mobility and range of motion.  Flexibility is essential in life.  This class will improve your muscle quality, decrease tension in your body, and reduce your chances of injury.  As you begin to develop flexibility in class, you will also improve your posture in everyday life.  Flexibility is something that can be developed, so if it's not your natural strength, it's still something worthwhile.  Our class will enhance your life in ways you may not even realize.

PLEASE CALL (702) 886-2250 for registration.

​Aerial Fitness

Kristi Toguchi's Aerial Fitness is a 45-minute class that will focus on building your core strength and flexibility as you learn exercises moving your body off the ground into the air. This class is a full-body workout that will emphasize building technique and proper alignment. You will learn the basic skills including climbing, inversions, and other basic movements that will help you build comfort and safety awareness with the equipment. This is a great class to get into shape, stay in shape, or prepare for the Aerial Silk classes offered (Class size is limited to 8).

PLEASE CALL (702) 886-2250 for registration


Contortion class is a 60-minute class specializing in our extreme flexibility technique based on the art of Mongolian style contortion.  Our head coach, Kristi Toguchi was hand-selected and trained to teach Flexible Body Art copyrighted methods and techniques of contortion. This class will assist you in stretches to increase your flexibility and teach you how to properly get into positions safely.  We will focus on increasing the flexibility in your legs, shoulders, and back to achieve your flexibility goals and enhance your positions in your training.  We will work on many positions leading to the chin stand.  We will also work on many progressions and variations.

PLEASE CALL (702) 886-2250 for registration

Online Classes

Online Instruction gives you the opportunity to schedule a class at your own convenience.  We will discuss your goals and create a specific program to help you meet your goals and take you to the next level.  We will focus on technique, choreography, showmanship, rigging, and more.  Serious private students also have the opportunity to perform solo work in our annual aerial dance concert.  We offer online instruction in flexibility, contortion, aerial silk, and choreography.  (Please read our testimonials to learn about some of our students who have accomplished their goals!)


We offer private workshops and camps in aerial silk, contortion, flexibility, and magic.  Our clients include: La Costa Resort & Spa (San Diego), Lorna Jane (Las Vegas),  Punahou School (Hawaii), West Coast Contortion & Acrobatics (Canada), Yuma Dance Festival (Arizona), Thomas Jefferson Elementary (Las Vegas), Hawaii Children's Discovery Center (Oahu), Petersen Elementary (Las Vegas), Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus Arts (San Diego),  Holy Nativity School (Hawaii), Samadhi Circus School (Oahu), Aerial Fitness Studio (Singapore) Fit For a Goddess (Hawaii), Honolulu Magic Company (Hawaii)

Magic & Illusions

The owner of Aerial Fitness is a 3rd generation magician who was sought out to perform her magical feats.  Kristi continues to share the art of magic by performing for exclusive events and teaching magic workshops and camps to inspire the future magicians of tomorrow. For more information please visit to schedule your magic workshop or lesson.  

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