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In an instant—everything changed.

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

I started to perform around the world when I was 13 years old. I made many sacrifices to pursue my career as a performing artist. When I turned 18, I moved from my homeland of Hawaii to New York and began to travel a lot to perform. My passion took me around the world until I finally landed in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. After talking to my mentor a few years ago, it dawned on me. This wasn’t an option, it was a calling. An unshakable feeling down to the very last cell in my body that I had to share my passion and help people learn the tools to take their hobby into a profession and share it with the world. I had no idea, at that moment, that my life would change forever. Or even more shockingly, just how much it would change. After my father passed away in 2014, I started to focus on teaching and sharing my art. I am so proud of the people I have helped to become artists and live their dreams. I do know that the journey may seem scary, but I believe with the right coach anything is possible. I am so proud of all of my students and I work hard to develop individual training programs to match everyone's specific goals.


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Fantastic Krist! Thank you! I need to incorporate your techniques to my work out routine!

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